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Golf Swing IconGuide to the Golf Swing [PDF] outlines the key movements in the golf swing:cocking of wrists; rotation of forearms; rotating the upper arm in the shoulder socket; movement of the upper arms in the shoulder socket; movement of the shoulder socket; twisting the spine; hip rotation through leg action; and tilting the spine. It outlines how to perform the individual movements and the muscles involved, the physics of the individual movements, how the movements work together in the overall swing via a golf swing model, how to practice the movements together, and exercises targeted at the key muscles controlling each movement. To access the HTML versions of the chapters, click HERE

Putting Stroke IconGuide to the Putting Stroke applies many of the themes in the Guide to the Golf Swing to the putting stroke. It begins with the criteria one would use to assess putting stroke methods, and then examines various ways one can stroke a putt against factors relevant to effectiveness.

Climate Change IconGlobal Warming and Canada: Getting to Zero by 2060 [PDF] takes as a starting point the key message of climate science (namely humans need to reduce emissions to zero, the sooner the better, or face significant and likely drastic consequences), outlines Canada's emissions, analyzes on a sector by sector basis the extent to which technologies and practices can get Canadian emissions to zero, and summarizes the sectoral findings (94 percent reduction in emissions by 2060). Unlike current approaches to emission reduction, this one takes the end result and addresses what needs to be done to get there. See the table of contents in HTML HERE. A summary in HTML is available HERE and a PDF version of the summary is available HERE.

Marijuana Legalization IconMarijuana Legalization looks at issues related to the legalization of marijuana/cannabis in Canada. There are a number of issues beyond the obvious concerns for heatlh effects on Canadians, particularly young people. It assesses policy options in terms of these relevant issues.

Marijuana Health Effects IconMarijuana Health provides background information related to the use of marijuana, based on abstracts from PubMed, which is the database of abstracts of scientific publications related to medicine and health. Health is a primary concern for any policy option related to marijuana. There have been a number of scientific studies on the subject.

Shakespeare De Vere IconShakespeare Authorship addresses who wrote the plays, sonnets and longer poems published under the name Shakespeare. The conventional understanding is that a gentleman from Stratford with the first name William and a last name similar to Shakespeare wrote these works. This understanding makes little sense. The most likely author of the works was Edward De Vere, the Seventeenth Earl of Oxford. This section looks at the evidence, specifically it present the case for De Vere, explains how history has got the story wrong, summarizes the life of de Vere, and shows how de Vere authorship has been reflected in the plays of Shakespeare.

Carrots IconVegetarian Science looks at the science related to vegetarian diets. It is based on abstracts from PubMed related to vegetarianism.

Alzheimer's Bredesen IconAlzheimer's and the Bredesen Protocols reviews the science of Dale Bredeson related to Alzheimer's, a disease which is generally characterized with increasing cognitive impairment and which Bredeson claims to be reversible.